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— James A. Autry

Diver Certification Program

Once a Veteran experiences the excitement and comfort of diving, they all ask for the next step in this journey.  Each Veteran asks how do they go on with their training and how do they earn their diving certification card.  This next program gives the Veteran the training and experience to take their diving experience to the next level!   For some, this opportunity opens the door to once again participate in an activity they no longer thought possible. For others this training opens a new and exciting window to participate in the comfortable world of  scuba diving.  TVAP offers our Diver Certification Program so our Veterans can get the training and equipment needed to travel with friends and family and scuba dive in open waters.  We will learn together, train together, and succeed together. It is our commitment to identify what individual and unique needs each participant has, and to address those needs during this dive training program. With a cohesive team approach, there are no issues we can't successfully identify, address, and conquer with grace, humility and courage. In the TVAP Dive Certification Program, we will face these hurdles together and champion the effort and results.  Contact TVAP today to find how to register for the Dive Certification Program and how to become a sponsor for one of our Veterans!

How can I help?

TVAP is a non-profit organization. Which means that we need you to support these opportunities with your financial support.  Out of every dollar you donate, 97% of that funding goes to program support.  With each Dive Certification Program there are expenses to make it happen! The scholarship is $5,000 per Veteran, which includes the cost of their classroom materials, dive gear, classroom work, pool work, and the open water training trip. It's critical that each Veteran have their own gear so it can be adapted to their needs.  These scholarships are funded by private and corporate donations.  If you have a special place in your heart for the disabled Veterans community, please consider supporting this program.  If you want to sponsor one of the scholarships for a Veteran so they can get their dive certification training and equipment, please visit our donation page. Thank you in advance for your contribution and making the impossible possible!