Destination Dives

Every year, we receive hundreds of requests from disabled Veterans across the country asking TVAP to organize and offer a diving adventure to a warm and safe open-water environment. The diving program is planned and executed under the standards of the Handicapped Scuba Association and PADI.  A dive team would consist of the Veteran and their assistant and two to three dive buddies, trained to safely support the Veteran in the open water environment.  For each five-member team, a budget of $10,000 would cover the cost of safely providing a complete dive experience for the Veteran.  For travel and meals, and from dive boat rental to the medical support technician, each dive team member would spend the week supporting and sharing the awesome adventure with the Veteran,  Help us book our 2017 trip to Cozumel, Mexico!

How can I help?

How can I help...TVAP is a non-profit organization. Which means that we need you to support these opportunities with your financial support.  Out of every dollar you donate, 97% of that funding goes to program support.  With each destination dive there is an expense of $10,000 for each Disabled Veterans Dive Team. If you would like to know how to sponsor one of our Veterans going on a destination dive please visit our donation page. If you have a special place in your heart for the disabled Veterans community, please consider supporting this program. Thank you in advance for your contribution and making the impossible possible!